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Nyalic Jewellery Kit (Small)
Nyalic Jewellery Kit (Small)
Nyalic Jewellery Kit (Small)
Nyalic Jewellery Kit (Small)
Nyalic Jewellery Kit (Small)

Nyalic Jewellery Kit (Small)

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Nyalic® is a water-clear, ultra-thin polymeric resin that seals and protects silver, copper, bronze, brass and other bare and coloured metal. Nyalic® will prevent tarnish, corrosion, degradation, finger prints and smudges, prevent patina from fading and keep jewellery looking like new. Once coated, even copper jewellery will stay polished and bright and will no longer darken or discolour skin.

Nyalic® is ideal for all types of metal jewellery, sculpture and other craft and artwork. It is skin safe, easy to apply, but tough and durable. Nyalic is quick drying and self levelling. It leaves a natural finish and won't darken or yellow like a lacquer.

Aftercare is easy, too. Simply wash the coated surfaces with a mild detergent in warm water, rinse well and dry.

Take a look at the ASTM tests results to learn more about Nyalic’s strengths (click here).

If your silver, aluminium, brass, bronze or copper is dull or oxidized, polish your pieces using a polish of your choice to get the shine you desire. Once polished, just follow the instructions enclosed in the kit to prep and then coat your metal with Nyalic. If you get a deep scratch or scuff in your Nyalic coating, it is easily repaired with Nyalic. Nyalic is self-levelling and blends with the existing coating to form a blemish free repair.

The Small Nyalic® Jewellery Kit contains a 118ml can of Nyalic for dipping or wipe-on application - ideal for small items of jewellery - and gives coverage up to approximately 3m². It is suitable for small* to medium coating projects. It contains all you need to prepare and coat your metal surfaces.

Kit contents are:

  • 1 X Nyalic® 118ml can
  • 1 X Simple Prep™ (degreaser) 118ml
  • 1 X Right Rinse™ (cleanser) 118ml
  • 5 X Small (10x10cm) Lint-Free Applicator Cloths
  • 1 X Super Tip Foam Applicator
  • 1 X Fine Tip Foam Applicator
  • 1 X Nitrile Gloves (pair)

All Nyalic cleaners are biodegradable. The protective coating is a solvent-based product.

A range of additional applicators suitable for use with Nyalic are available. See the Related Products section below for details.

Check out our range of Nyalic Kits that are sized for your specific project. Nyalic Kits include complete instructions and everything that you need to achieve professional results.

Due to the hazardous classification of Nyalic, this product CANNOT be sent by Royal Mail or Airmail. UK Mainland orders can be placed online in the normal way (for courier delivery). For all other destinations (including NI, Ireland, Channel Islands and all other Worldwide destinations), please call 01780 721470 or email info@spautopia.co.uk for a shipping quotation.

    How do I apply Nyalic?

Full and comprehensive instructions on surface preparation and application are included in your small Nyalic Jewellery Kit. Repairs are easy, too, as Nyalic is self-levelling and blends with the existing coating.

    Will Nyalic change or dull the appearance of the metal I want to coat?

After coating, mirror-finished metals won’t lose their gloss and unpainted metals look freshly polished. Nyalic prevents fingerprints and smudges on stainless steel and polished metals.

    How long will my Nyalic protection last?

Applied correctly, a Nyalic-coated surface will give years of protection, even in highly corrosive environments - like salty sea spray and sea air, exposure to corrosive chemicals, acid rain and much more - and high moisture conditions.

    How do I clean and maintain a Nyalic coating?

To clean a Nyalic-coated surface, use a mild liquid soap in clean water and a soft-bristle brush. Rinse with clean water. Do not use solvent-based cleaners. If required, Nyalic can be removed with a strong solvent, such as Xylene.


I make metal stamped gifts and jewellery with copper, brass and sterling silver. I tried many waxes, lacquers and varnishes but found Nyalic coating very easy to use. I use it a lot to prevent tarnish on my copper pieces and would recommend it to other jewellery makers.

I put my coated pieces in an oven on a low setting to aid curing. The sponge applicators are ideal for coating small pieces.

Jenny Greenslade
Little Red Robin Jewellery

I've found Nyalic to be the best coating for copper. I warm my pieces in the oven before spraying then leave in a warm place to cure. I generally patinate my copper so clean gently with the two cleansers and a sponge and dry thoroughly with absorbent cloth to remove water marks before heating as per the instructions. I'm pleased with Nyalic for my purposes; it has taken me a while to get to grips with, but so far so good!

Theresa Galanides
Jewellery Maker, Stafford

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