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Grey MicroPLUS Cloth 40 X 40cm
Grey MicroPLUS Cloth 40 X 40cm

Grey MicroPLUS Cloth 40 X 40cm

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts’ Grey MicroPLUS Premium Universal Cloth offers high absorbency and excellent dirt capturing characteristics.

The 40cm x 40cm Grey MicroPLUS Cloth is ideal as a polishing cloth on delicate paint surfaces, and for removing dust on interior surfaces. Its high absorbency makes it suitable for a drying cloth on all surfaces.

Benefits include:
• Extremely high quality and fleecy microfibre
• Compact fibre structure
• High absorbency

Colour: Grey with black trim (no longer red as shown in photograph)

Washing instructions

The Scholl Concepts Grey MicroPLUS Cloth is washable by machine or hand. Wash without detergent at low temperature (no higher than 40°). Do not boil wash!

Instructions for use

Fold the universal cloth twice into a rectangle and lay the palm of your hand with fingers splayed on the folded cloth. You are now ready to clean, dry or dust almost any surface. With firm pressure, wipe polishing residue with circular motions. Should the cloth begin to smear, continue polishing using a part of the cloth which has not been previously used.


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