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Cloths & Applicators

Spautopia Home has a selection of high performance microfibres, cloths, wipes and applicators for a light and heavy cleaning and polishing applications around the home, garage, garden and workshop. The range includes highly absorbent microfibres, soft polishing cloths, disposable cleaning wipes and foam applicator pads to keep your home like new!

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Clinitex Target Multi Surface Cleaning & Disinfection 100 Wipes Virucidal
Professional Multi Surface Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes from Clinitex Target. Bactericidal, ..
Ex Tax: £3.60
iQ-Puck 2-in-1 Hand Applicator
Scholl Concepts iQ-PUCK 2-in-1 Hand Applicator is a handy and intelligent two-in-one tool for man..
Ex Tax: £24.83
Edgeless Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 10-Packs
Superb value multi-purpose edgeless microfibres, ideal for cleaning and general purpose automotiv..
Ex Tax: £8.00
Edgeless Grey Polishing Cloth
These top quality, soft edgeless microfibres can be used safely for buffing, polishing and removi..
Ex Tax: £1.38
Disposable Polish Applicator Cloths
Spautopia's throw-away, non-woven polish applicator cloths are designed for polish, gla..
Ex Tax: £3.05
Soft Polishing Cloth
Spautopia's Soft Polishing Cloth was voted 2010 Best Buy in Auto Express. Our latest version of t..
Ex Tax: £1.64
Based on 2 reviews.
Anti-Lint Brush
Scholl Concepts Anti-Lint Brush is an extremely robust, all-plastic brush for the hygienic remova..
Ex Tax: £10.21
MicroPLUS Polishing Cloth Red
Scholl Concepts Red MicroPLUS Cloth is a 40x40cm, extremely soft and receptive polishing cloth fo..
Ex Tax: £5.62
Soft Polishing Cloth Blue
Spautopia's Soft Polishing Cloth was voted 2010 Best Buy in Auto Express. Our latest version of t..
Ex Tax: £1.64
MicroPLUS Blue Finish Cloth
Scholl Concepts MicroPLUS Blue Finish Cloth is an incredibly soft and high quality cloth, us..
Ex Tax: £4.77
Spautopia Valeting Towel
The best-selling Spautopia Valeting Towel is a large drying towel with incredible absorbency. Des..
Ex Tax: £13.10
Based on 4 reviews.
Black Hand Puck
The Scholl Concepts Black Hand Puck is a soft premium foam and ergonomic design which ensures pro..
Ex Tax: £5.96